About Sansone Companies

The Sansone Companies and Roland Sansone are Las Vegas Valley focused. Listed are some of the goals of Roland Sansone and Sansone Companies.  As we embark into 2016, the company is focusing on both commercial and residential development services. Continue reading About Sansone Companies

A Nevada Developer

Roland Sansone is a Nevada developer known for his development of Las Vegas’ premier commercial development and management companies. He founded Sansone Companies in 1978, which now has just under one million square feet in the real estate portfolio. He has developed a large amount of commercial property space in the Henderson area of Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. Continue reading A Nevada Developer


Investing in the Boulevard Mall
Roland Sansone invests his time into giving back to the Boulevard Mall, a project he’s been working on since 2013.

Roland Sansone invests his time, energy and dollars into well researched real estate development investing mostly in the Las Vega and Henderson markets. At the core of what Roland Sansone invests in are projects of great potential in markets that need it. Roland is known for his commitment, passion and dedication in all of the transactions that he does. The deals that Roland looks for are those that will help to boost the Las Vegas economy and help the many under-serviced real estate segments in the Vegas market. Continue reading Investing

An Interview

This is a recent interview with Roland Sansone Vegas developer. In this interview Roland Sansone tell us about his time in Las Vegas and Henderson and what inspired him to get into real estate. In addition to real estate tips, Roland also shares things he likes to do when not working and other notes about Vegas.

Roland Sansone Vegas – The Interview:

Roland Sansone, when and why did you get started as a Real Estate Developer?
I got started in real estate for my love and passion of construction as well as helping create a positive community around our Las Vegas developments. Continue reading An Interview

Supporting Justice Amy Chelini

roland sansone vegas of sansone companies with amy chelini
Roland Sansone Vegas with Amy Chelini

In 2015 and 2016, Roland Sansone Vegas supports Amy Chelini for Las Vegas Justice of the Peace, Dept. 14. Amy is supported by many others including Seniors United, Las Vegas Metro Police Protective Association and the Nevada Veteran’s Association. to name a few. Amy has spent a considerable amount of time helping others in our community to get back on their feet and live a better life. Continue reading Supporting Justice Amy Chelini

Giving Back to Vegas

Roland Sansone 2016
Roland Sansone in 2016

Roland Sansone, a real estate developer in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, has always given back to the Las Vegas community, who has given so much to him, and it brings him great pleasure to do so. He continues to do so in 2016 through the charities he is involved with and his involvement with the Vegas community. Continue reading Giving Back to Vegas

Roland Sansone Vegas

Happy Birthday to Roland Sansone Vegas Developer!

Today Roland Sansone is celebrating his birthday.  Looking back on 2016, a lot has transformed.  John’s Incredible Pizza has opened in Las Vegas. Roland’s company, Sansone Companies, has completed an amazing facade transformation, and Sansone has signed a deal with a National Sea Aquarium to take 30,000 SF at the Boulevard Mall in Vegas. Continue reading Roland Sansone Vegas