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Roland Sansone, Las Vegas, Nevada is known for his real estate development work within the community of Henderson and all surrounding areas. He always has new projects in construction and he’s always visioning about the next upcoming renovation.

Recently, Roland and his team at Sansone Companies brought the first John’s Incredible Pizza to the Las Vegas area, and this pizza/entertainment location has been experiencing record-breaking weekends since it’s inception. Here is a video by owner John Parlet talking about the new Vegas location:

If you haven’t yet been to John’s Incredible Pizza and you have kids, you Roland Sansone Meets with the teamreally need to go check this place out. You will absolutely find yourself being turned back into a kid again. Hands down way better than Chuck E Cheese.

Biggest differences start with the food.  At John’s the variety is great and it is actually delicious. It is presented in a buffet style for everyone and the salads and pizza are made fresh daily. There are more than 10 different kinds of pizza and several kinds of pasta with various topping choices. There is also a huge quite diverse salad bar with homemade dressings.

The rides, yes, the rides, are fun for the entire family. One of the biggest hits there is the bumper cars, which kids are likely to ride more than once. Games are throughout the place and you can find yourself there for hours of fun.

Roland Sansone Las Vegas

Sansone had the vision long ago to bring John’s to the mall to further the locations at the mall centered around families and community. The Vegas community is excited to have this new entertainment in town.

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Roland Sansone Henderson Nevada

Roland Sansone of Henderson Nevada

Roland Sansone of Henderson Nevada has been developing in the area for quite some time now. If you drive up and down Eastern Avenue, just off the 215 in South Las Vegas, you will very likely notice the Sansone Companies signs in many of the commercial lots.

Roland SansoneHenderson is where Roland and his family make their living and their home, now for over 35 years. They are very involved within the Henderson community and they enjoy giving back. Roland is a family man and spends as much time as possible with his 2 children, who also work in the business, and with his grand-children.

In 2011, Forbes magazine ranked Henderson Nevada as America’s second safest city. It has also been named as “One of the Best Cities to Live in America” by Bloomberg Businessweek. The schools in the area are some of the best in Las Vegas and the parks are modernized, interesting and fun for families of all ages.

Henderson Nevada:

If you are looking to start a business in the Las Vegas area, you may want to consider doing so in the Henderson area. Right now Sansone has some commercial properties for lease in Henderson such as:

Sansone Companies Leasing Commercial spaceA Commercial, Executive Suites, Medical, Office:

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and this one:

Roland Sansone Henderson NevadaA Commercial, Executive Suites, Medical, Office:
Green Valley office/medical development with immediate access to I-215 beltway on South Pecos Rd. in Henderson located within 1 mile of St. Rose Hospital & The District. Looking to make a great deal on this!

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Sansone has many other Commercial, Executive Suites, Medical, Office properties in the Henderson area for lease. You can locate them all on the main Sansone Companies website here> or call the main office at (702) 914-9500.

Hank’s Steakhouse in Henderson

Hank’s Steakhouse Henderson

Hank's Steakhouse Henderson

Thinking of Hank’s Steakhouse Henderson? Dreaming of the best steak in Las Vegas? We have just the answer – Hank’s Steakhouse Henderson.

We love and respect for Hank’s Fine Steaks. This restaurant is by far one of the best in Nevada for steak and the very best in Henderson, Nevada.

This restaurant, that we cannot get enough of.  Hanks’s was recently honored with the coveted AAA Four Diamond Award. Only 2.3 percent of the nearly 28,000 restaurants Approved by AAA make the Four Diamond list.

The steaks are cooked to perfection and the service is impeccable. We cannot get enough of this place.

If you are in the Henderson area, we highly recommend checking out Hank’s in Henderson located inside Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa Casino. A map to the location is below.

Real Estate Services

Sansone Companies is well-known in the Las Vegas community as key developers in the commercial and residential space.

Roland SansoneVegasINC creates a list each year of the top developers and in June of 2015, they broke through to make it into the top 10 developers in the Las Vegas area.  In fact, they made it into the 9th spot with 1.9 million in square feet managed. Continue reading Real Estate Services

Roland Sansone and the Newest Luxury Movie Theater

Las Vegas Real estate developer, Roland Sansone, is bringing a new luxury theater to The Boulevard Mall very soon. 

In their post, The Washington Post states that there is a huge rise in luxury movie theaters throughout the country. Las Vegas has caught on.

The plans are underway to roll out the details on this exciting new project. Although we cannot yet reveal all of the details, the talks are happening, and the movie theater will be coming. It is an exciting addition to this part of the Las Vegas Valley.

roland_sansoneFor those of you who have not yet experienced a luxury theater, you are in for a treat that can also become strangely addicting. Roland Sansone and Sansone Companies will bring super comfortable padded reclining seats to the movies, where you can press a button to get it at the perfect angle you require. Also, these movie theaters allow for wine, beer, and special foods (besides popcorn) to be ordered and delivered to you in your seat. This convenience turns your night at the movies into a night at the Kennedy Center.

Roland Sansone Brings The “Popcorn and Fun”

popcornOther possibilities for the luxury movie theater include a highly delicious in-theater restaurant with fancy foods, unlimited popcorn, and the ability to reserve your actual seats ahead of time. Each luxury theater also seems to have special additions of their own so that the Boulevard Mall will have some things unique to it. The luxury movies now often feel an entirely new relaxing night out on the town. It’s a place to get the party started or to experience a kind of zen meditation.

Roland Sansone continues to bring more value to the mall and the community surrounding. He’s excited to roll out the luxury movie theater along with other projects that have not yet been announced, but will be, very soon. The upgrades at the mall, continue. Roland Sansone and his company, Sansone Companies, are committed to maintaining excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of operations, ensuring dedication to customer service. You can bet this new movie theater is going to meet their high standards.

Roland Sansone – Boulevard Vision

Roland Sansone often gets asked if the Boulevard Mall project came to him or if he came to the project by looking for it. He also gets asked about the vision of the mall, how he conceptualizes it then and now, and the future of it. All good questions.

Roland Sansone and his Passion for the Mall

Roland Sansone at GoodwillLas Vegas locals who are familiar with the iconic Boulevard Mall know that until recently, the Boulevard Mall lost some of its original charm. The mall needed an upgrade, a fresh restart. Roland Sansone purchased the Boulevard Mall back in 2013 in hopes of redeveloping the not just the mall, but the entire Las Vegas area. As part of a multi-million-dollar plan, which is still rolling out, the goal is to revitalize the mall and make it a thriving social epicenter of Las Vegas.

Roland Sansone had already been developing for over 30 years when this came to him.

roland sansoneWhen the mall was presented to Roland, he recognized it right away as an amazing opportunity, but also a challenge. Someone needed to help fix that area of Las Vegas and the Boulevard Mall was a great property to build back up. It didn’t take long for Roland to jump in and start the visualization of what the mall was and what it could become with the right development.

Here are some other questions asked of Roland Sansone recently, all regarding his mall goals:

Why did you decide to take on the development of The Boulevard Mall?
Roland Sansone:
I saw it as a great challenge and a great way to give back to the Las Vegas community. In it’s best years, way back, this mall was the IT place to be. I’ve heard countless stories of how Las Vegas people flocked to this mall in their younger years, met their families there, endless memories. The possibilities of bringing back the mall as a community hub, were at the forefront of my mind. I wanted to restore it, keep it’s charm, but also bring it into 2016.

Did you you seek out this property or did someone come to you with the project?
Roland Sansone:
It was brought to me and I knew right away it was a great fit.

Roland Sansone:
The mall was a challenged area over 12 years ago, but today it is coming back as a middle America neighborhood.

How did your previous experience as a developer prepare for this mall project?
Roland Sansone:
I started my real estate development career by fixing properties and gradually moved to developing them. So fixing the mall has come somewhat easy, in that it requires fixing things and developing new concepts.

Any challenges in developing a mall property?:
Roland Sansone:
When dealing with national retailers or national tenants, decision making sometimes seems to take forever. Patience is a virtue.

Anything else you want people to know about The Boulevard Mall?
Roland Sansone:
It’s the closest mall to the Las Vegas strip. Only 8-9 minutes by cab. The bargains and deals at this mall are endless. You often pay 50 to 75% less than any of the malls you’d find on the strip. In addition, there are tons of things now for families to do at the mall, besides shopping, such as events and other entertainment options.

Roland Sansone does not stop there. His passion for the success of this mall is palpable. The possibilities are endless and the mall will continue to grow per his and his team’s visions. So what’s left to do? Come down to the Boulevard Mall renovated in Las Vegas and see for yourself the changes taking place.

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About Sansone Companies

The Sansone Companies and Roland Sansone are Las Vegas Valley focused. Listed are some of the goals of Roland Sansone and Sansone Companies.  As we embark into 2016, the company is focusing on both commercial and residential development services. Continue reading About Sansone Companies

A Nevada Developer

Roland Sansone is a Nevada developer known for his development of Las Vegas’ premier commercial development and management companies. He founded Sansone Companies in 1978, which now has just under one million square feet in the real estate portfolio. He has developed a large amount of commercial property space in the Henderson area of Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. Continue reading A Nevada Developer