Roland Sansone Developer Success Tips

Roland Sansone
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Roland Sansone has been in the Las Vegas real estate development field for over 30 years and has successfully built up projects from small to large in the field of commercial and residential real estate. With experience comes great knowledge. Roland Sansone often gets approached to provide guidance to those just starting out as developers, and he loves to do just that. The below Roland Sansone Developer Success Tips will help anyone that is looking to push the envelope of their dreams into the world of successful real estate development. For the past 35 years, Roland and his company, Sansone Companies, has been to provide their tenants low rates and flexible terms with the highest quality services.

Roland Sansone Developer Success Tips

If one were to study the most successful real estate developers of all time, they would find similarities in the developers approaches, mindsets, and strategies. The below are just some of the success tips Roland Sansone provides to his students.


Roland Sansone and Timo Kuusela the General manager of the Boulevard Mall, at the Chinese New Year event.
Roland Sansone and Timo Kuusela the General manager of the Boulevard Mall, at the Chinese New Year event, Las Vegas, 2016.

You need to be creative and always be thinking outside of the box. Try looking ahead to what needs there are in your community, city and surrounding areas and how you can bring those missing services to your area. What are people looking for and wanting? What are the needs of families, singles, other audiences? You need to be able to look into the future and not just live the present or the past. Take risks too, successful developers are not doing the same things others are doing. They are innovating and pushing outside the limits of what others say are possible. New Designs. Exciting Elements in the Projects. Newest Building Materials. They look at bringing a new/ exciting look to the community that offers an efficient, aesthetically pleasing design that does not just focus on utilizing all of the square footage of the land, but how to effectively lay-out the property to maximize rents and desirability of the location.

Yes, developers take risks and they should do so. However, these are usually researched calculated risks and the numbers, pros and cons are studied very carefully. Those that don’t take risks, though, will be stuck where they always have been.

Solving Problems
If you are going into real estate development, get ready to have things thrown at you daily. All kinds of things that you may not even have had to solve prior, will happen. You need to be the type of person that remains positive throughout situations by believing that with your team in place and with the right people you can call, that things will get done. Developers understand that there are probably several solutions to the same problem and they carefully weigh the options.

Roland Sansone Developer on Relationship Building-

Roland Sansone Developer works on real estate development in Las VegasThis is everything. Developers find and keep relationships through the years by treating people well and beyond well, and Roland does just that. Roland has had amazing relationships with thousands of people in the field and outside the field for over 30 years and this continues on. Roland Sansone makes sure to look out for those that look out for him. He gives his heart and his time to those that dedicate their lives to great causes. Taking time to acknowledge these friends and colleagues is hugely important to continuing to build on the relationships you have. With that comes long term support for one another.  Development is all about the relationships you have and if you have strong ones you will be able to continue your growth. This also leaves everyone happy. At the end of the day, it’s really nice to feel great about what you are doing and the lives you are changing for the better.