Roland Sansone Nevada News

Roland Sansone Nevada

Fox News – The repurposing of a 1.2 million square-foot regional mall by Roland Sansone on the Bob Massi show –

Developer buys Boulevard mall from lenders for $54.5 million

Boulevard Mall embarks on revitalization with upgrades including aquarium, possible theater –

For Roland Sansone Nevada will always be his home and the place where he continues to develop and give back. Nevada is the place where Roland Sansone has raised his family, grown his company and given back to his community for over 30 years. Roland is proud to be part of the Las Vegas community and a real estate developer in Henderson, Las Vegas and all surrounding areas. Nevada is who he is.  As the song says:

Home, means Nevada,
Home, means the hills,
Home, means the sage and the pine.

Here are just some of the press releases and news stories that Roland Sansone has been involved with over the last few years (read more by clicking the links):

The Boulevard Mall Las Vegas Nevada
Renovating The Boulevard Mall Las Vegas Nevada

Developer buys Boulevard mall from lenders for $54.5 million

Sansone Companies To Redevelop Las Vegas’ Iconic Boulevard Mall To Premier Shopping, Dining And Entertainment District

Roland Sansone Nevada – Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ oldest shopping mall is getting a face-lift

Valley’s recovering economy sparks deluge of deals

John's Incredible Pizza Las Vegas
John’s Incredible Pizza Las Vegas

John’s Incredible Pizza Company Starts Construction of a 60,000 Square Foot Store in Las Vegas, Nevada

Upgrades planned for Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas

Olivia’s Latin Cuisine Anchors New Boulevard Dining Offerings

Which Venues Are Getting a Makeover?

Your First Comprehensive Look Inside John’s Incredible Pizza Co.


Founded by Roland Sansone in Nevada, Sansone Companies has developed Real Estate in the Las Vegas area for the past 35 years. The property offers full-service property, facilities, leasing, and sales consulting and management in both commercial and residential real estate. The company owns and manages several successful retail, medical, and office centers in Las Vegas including Park Place, Sansone Richmar Plaza, and Boulevard Mall.