Developer Roland Sansone buys Boulevard mall from lenders for $54.5 million

The Boulevard mall, a once-thriving Las Vegas shopping hub that slid in popularity and financial health over the years, was sold to local developer Roland Sansone on Nov 21, 2013. Sansone has been developing it since. What was once an ordinary collection of stores is now a much improved, spectacular shopping and entertainment center.

Read this article in VegasINC on the development of The Boulevard:

Roland Sansone repurposes a 1.2 million square-foot regional mall in Las Vegas

Developer, Roland Sansone, is bringing entertainment, dining and shopping to a mixed-use property, The Boulevard Mall Las Vegas. State of the art Luxury theaters, sea aquarium, bumper cars, bowling, carousel, golf, Olympic size climbing walls, children’s adventure park, and a Grand Prix race track. Roland Sansone was interviewed by Bob Massi on Fox News: “Sometimes when everyone is running one way, you’ll find one person running in the opposite direction. That’s the case with Roland Sansone.”

Watch the Fox News video below to see how Roland Sansone is redeveloping the Boulevard to change lives in the inner city community.

Roland Sansone and 4 Reasons to Run a Family Business

If you have a family, you know the challenges and the rewards. Likewise with owning your own business. We asked Roland Sansone – So what’s it like to put both of them together?

Roland Sansone Discusses Working with Family

rolandatworkJust ask Roland Sansone in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the founder of Sansone Development, he also works with his sons Miles and Devon, who both hold leadership positions within the company.

“When I look back on everything we’ve accomplished as a company, I can say things were only made better by working with my sons Miles and Devon,” he said. “They brought unique talents to the organization, talents that have benefited everyone as a whole.”

Today, Roland Sansone can say he has a real success story on his hands – the company has a commercial real estate portfolio of nearly a million square feet – and he chalks a lot of it up to working with family. Here are the benefits he points out.

1.  You share the same values.

boulevardinteriorMany otherwise successful business partnerships fail because the principals don’t see eye to eye. And while a little bit of difference can be healthy – even beneficial – if there’s too much of a philosophical gulf to traverse, it may spell doom for the organization.

When you work with family, however, you can avoid this pitfall.

“I raised my sons according to the values I have, and as they matured, they grew to share those values,” Roland Sansone said. “That helps us work together better as a company.”

2.  There are fewer surprises – and the ones that do happen are good.

rolandseaquestThere’s a side benefit to sharing values: you’re seldom surprised by the people you’re working with. Family members have the benefit of knowing each other well, so they know how they’ll respond to specific challenges and obstacles.

“It’s kind of like knowing the engine of your car,” Roland Sansone said. “It’s always good to know how all the parts work together.”

Likewise with your family members. And if you take the approach that Roland Sansone did, you can align your family members with roles in the business that complement their natural skill sets. This makes for a more rewarding career for the family member, and a greater benefit to the organization. It also frees them up to let their natural abilities shine through, meaning they’ll most likely find ways to impress you that you never thought possible.

3.  You spend more time together.

rolandmassiFamily time. There’s nothing like it, and it’s an essential component to strengthening the bonds that tie us together. And when you run a family business, you can strengthen those bonds through a shared purpose.

“I love showing up at the office and seeing my sons,” Roland Sansone said. “And while we’re focused on business and achieving objectives, you have to be grateful for every moment you spend with your family.”

Of course, nothing replaces those activities that are focused on family exclusively – shared meals, vacations, holidays – but seeing the people you love on a daily basis is a blessing that few of us get to share. A family business enables one to enjoy life’s most precious commodity: time spent with those you care about.

4.  You build more than a business.

streetviewMuch of what makes a successful business is tangible: profits, relationships made, projects built. But there’s also a notion of a legacy that goes into creating a truly successful enterprise.

“Ever since I started this business, I’ve been focused on making the community better. It’s a higher standard than just turning a profit,” said Roland Sansone. “With my sons as part of this business, I know they’ll carry that vision forward. To me, that’s the most important legacy of all.”

Roland Sansone and Sansone Development have always worked hard to be good community partners. The company sacrificed for its tenants during the Great Recession, even to the detriment of the organization, all in the interest of helping Las Vegas businesses see their way through troubled times. And most recently, with the acquisition and redevelopment of The Boulevard, the company has reinvigorated the heart of one of our city’s most important community corridors.

Together, Roland Sansone and his sons have created a company that does more for the city it calls home. By working together as a family, they’ve accomplished more for the community. And when it comes to family businesses, that’s the greatest benefit of all.



Roland Sansone on Five Pillars of Success

When you’ve built one of the foremost development companies in a city known for building great things, you learn a thing or two about success. So it is with Roland Sansone.

Roland Sansone on the History of Nevada’s Largest Mall

Roland Sansone brings sports bar to the mall.When he founded the company that bears his name, Sansone Development, back in 1978, Real Estate Developer Roland Sansone, started by focusing on fixing up older homes. Eventually, he transitioned his company to custom homes, followed by professional office buildings and retail shopping centers. Eventually, the company’s efforts culminated in the purchase of Nevada’s oldest and largest mall – The Boulevard, totaling 1.2 million square feet and originally built in 1968 by Moe Dalitz, Allard Roen and Irwin Molasky. This $54.5 million purchase was followed by $44 million in upgrades, completely re-imagining this iconic Las Vegas location into a brand-new community hub where people and families can meet for entertainment, dining and shopping.

“As our city has grown, so has Sansone Companies,” said Roland Sansone. “No matter how big we got, we never lost sight of our core values, and on putting the customer first, no matter what. Even though we build and develop, this is still a people business, and you can’t lose that human touch.” As a testament to this, during the Great Recession Roland Sansone helped many tenants weather the bad economy to his own detriment, and lost some properties to the lenders.

Those core values include five principles that the company – led by Roland Sansone’s sons Miles Sansone and Devon Sansone– still lives by today.

Developer Roland Sansone discussing the five principles of his company:

focus1. Focus.

There’s no greater hazard to a business than trying to do too many things. All too often, the result is doing none of them right. Developer Roland Sansone has focused on different aspects of development throughout the lifetime of his company, but never on too many things at once. Sansone Development by choice is not a contractor, architect or an engineer. This allows Roland Sansone’s company to find the best people and firms to help with each of the developments. Initially, the focus was residential remodels. Then, large custom homes. Following that, professional office, medical and retail space. And finally, the focus became creating the new heart of a community in one of Las Vegas’ most storied corridors – The Boulevard on Maryland Parkway. This bold venture to redevelop and fix The Boulevard neighborhood was quite an undertaking; it has taken Roland Sansone over two years and a lot of work. As you drive North on Maryland parkway from Russel, to Tropicana, to Flamingo and past Desert Inn you will see enormous investments coming and changes to the Maryland corridor.

“We never lose sight of the job at hand,” says Roland Sansone. “Though you’ve always got a pipeline of work coming in, you can’t take your eyes off the work you’ve rolled your sleeves up to do at the moment. That kind of focus is essential for any business that hopes to grow – and more importantly, seeks to serve its customers well.”

integrity2. Integrity.

For its size, Las Vegas is famous for being a small town in a lot of ways. That means people who burn bridges don’t last very long here. That kind of culture is ideal for an organization like Sansone Development, and for professionals like developer Roland Sansone. Doing right by customers, tenants, investors and partners is the bedrock of not only completing major projects, but also in ensuring that more of them come your way.

Roland Sansone says, “Keeping your word is what helps you build that reputation as a person with integrity. It makes it easier to do business – investors trust you, partners seek your advice, and customers are more comfortable with you because they know you’re on their side.”

diligence3. Diligence.

Seeing a job through is what bedevils a lot of companies, and many entrepreneurs. Individuals may fall in love with a line of work for a certain aspect of it, but in any profession, it often comes along with a lot of tasks that make the job feel less than fun. Maintaining enthusiasm, excellence and commitment through every part of the job is what makes the difference between a good company and a great one, says Roland Sansone. He continues: “You’re never going to get far without buckling down and doing the work when the going gets tough. The key is to take those passions that you have and apply them to all parts of the job – even those you may not prefer. Eventually, you’ll learn that diligence is, in fact, its own kind of reward.”

hard work4. Hard work.

If you love what you do it will never be hard work. At Sansone Development the staff looks forward to coming to work because of the love of the job, the team effort and the comradery that occurs at the office.  But putting in your best effort, day after day, is the mark of a true professional. Those are the kinds of team members developer Roland Sansone surrounds himself with at Sansone Development.

“If you’re not tired at the end of the day, I’d say you’ve probably done something wrong,” says Roland Sansone. “Throughout my career, I’ve always valued people who only have one setting: one hundred percent. For the truly great professional, there’s never a time when you put in anything less than that.”

transparency5. Transparency.

We hear a lot about it in government, but transparency is essential in the private sector, too. In a lot of ways, it’s the secret behind a lot of other great core values, like integrity and honesty. For Roland Sansone’s industry – commercial development – it’s even more essential. Working with diverse partners makes it crucial that all parties are open and transparent.

Five core values – focus, integrity, diligence, hard workand transparency. These are the principles that have fueled the success of developer Roland Sansone and the developments his company has created.

Roland Sansone on 5 Ways He’s Built a Place That Will Surprise

Roland Sansone Purchased The Boulevard and Transformed it:

When Roland Sansone bought the iconic Boulevard Mall for $55 million, that investment was only the beginning. Now called “The Boulevard”, this one-of-a-kind destination is now more than just shopping, offering an experience that encompasses entertainment, dining and shopping.

So with the arrival of the Las Vegas’s newest entertainment epicenter, here are a few surprising experiences Sansone Development has put together at The Boulevard.

  1. It’s got things to do, not just things to buy.

  • Roland Sansone envisioned something completely for Las Vegas’s favorite mall – in fact, it’s not just a mall anymore. The Boulevard is a place for families to gather for fun and entertainment. In addition to the great diversions already on offer, The Boulevard has completely new experiences coming soon – including Seaquest Aquarium, an upcoming luxury movie theater; a trampoline park and much more.

“Our intention was to create a center for the community,” said Roland Sansone.” We want to make a place that’s great for the families we serve. This isn’t about retail space…it’s about bringing people together in an environment that builds community.”

  1. Roland Sansone is building a community resource.

  • Sansone Development envisioned a place that would serve as the heart of the community, so they’ve carefully assembled a collection of community-centric services that would help make local residents’ lives better. Look to The Boulevard for employment, with jobs to be found at an on-site call center; healthcare, with the addition of an upcoming clinic and dentist’s office; and the area’s leading Goodwill center (with customization of the retail space paid for by Roland Sansone and Sansone Companies).

roland sansone and grandson“Health, work, and family are what it’s all about,” said Roland Sansone. “Those are the values that have helped me build a great family life in this city, and I want to give back so that others have it, too.”

  1. It’s a community center.

As Roland Sansone says, “Every community needs a heart. And although Las Vegas is a great city, we need to focus on individual neighborhoods and build them piece by piece, one by one, so we can ultimately build a stronger city.”

  • roland sansone at the boulevard las vegas front entranceThe Maryland Parkway corridor is an important part of our city. With the revitalization of The Boulevard, now there’s a new heart of this important community hub. By completely reimagining the largest mall into the state, transforming it into an entertainment and community nexus, there’s now a groundswell of development activity in this part of the city. Sansone Companies has doubled the lighting at the site, enhanced safety, installed energy-efficient LEDs, revamped the landscaping, and provided much-needed upgrades from Tropicana to Sunrise.
  1. It’s part of our city’s future.

  • Roland Sansone realizes that to recognize the vital importance of the Maryland Parkway, look no further than the Regional Transportation Commission. Currently, the RTC is studying the feasibility of a light rail system that connects las vegas mccaran airportMcCarran International Airport to Downtown Las Vegas via Maryland Parkway. The Boulevard is proud to be part of these bold steps forward.

Roland Sansone explains: “Transportation is critical to helping all Las Vegans. We want to connect all residents to the resources they need to build better, happier lives.”

  1. Roland Sansone recognizes the importance of families.

  • It’s not enough to build a mall. Roland Sansone and Sansone Development have set out to create a new heart of Las Vegas along one of its most vital corridors. The Boulevard is just the beginning – from here, there’s no telling where the momentum might take us.

Together, Roland Sansone and his development partners are making Las Vegas better – one development at a time.

Roland Sansone Bringing Sports Bar to the Mall

As part of their ongoing renovations, Roland Sansone is helping to bring in popular new stores and restaurants to regain its foothold in the community.

What makes the newly remodeled Boulevard Mall in Vegas so invigorating is the wealth of new possibilities. The whole goal of the recent Boulevard Mall upgrades is to enhance what guests already love while eliminating what doesn’t work anymore.

One segment that is getting a big boost is the dining experience, thanks to the upcoming opening of the Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar conceptualized by Roland Sansone and others at the Mall.
Roland Sansone during developmentHatari Restaurant & Sports Bar is coming to the New Boulevard Mall in summer of 2016. This newly constructed bar will be unlike any other sports bar currently in Vegas. Roland Sansone and his team spent many hours visualizing the concept for the new sports pub and here is some of what we have to look forward to:

Roland Sansone promises – Sports Galore

Sports fans surrounded by dozens upon dozens of large state of the art television screens streaming all the favorite local and international sports games including basketball, football, UFC, boxing, tennis, baseball, and more. There will be live streaming South American soccer games and European Soccer games to cater to the diverse neighborhood.
Décor – This bar will look and feel like no other in Las Vegas. The entry will have a stunning chandelier hanging from a high vaulted ceiling. Each table will be a design by a highly respected and sought after designer coming out of LA. The chairs will be comfortable and plush. The bar will be a beautiful quartz material. The lighting in the dining area will be modern and soft. There will be two patios, one patio that will be open for those who enjoy sitting outside that has gas heaters and coolers making it comfortable year round. The other patio will be enclosed and have tons of televisions so our guests can enjoy the game while enjoying the natural light.
Roland Sansone and his team do not stop there.

For the Menu – The Executive Chef brings over 15 years of restaurant experience and will ensure that you will be delighted by everything on the menu. We will have a traditional bar menu with a twist. We will offer elevated upscale versions of modern bar food like wings, burgers, and pizzas. We will also have some signature items including Queso Fundido topped with Carne Asada, Cajun Chicken & Shrimp Pasta, Hatari Venezuelan Burger, Indian Samosas, and New York Strip Steak served with our unique Hatari sauce. Also, this will be the only bar of this magnitude that has a tandoor oven, which allows us to cook tasty ethnic dishes quickly and with maximum flavor. Other dishes include popular Tandoor dishes, such as Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Lobster, Tandoori Lamb, and several types of Naan (which is a highly popular Indian Bread).
Drinks – Welcome to the home of the 99 cent beer. There will a drink for every taste and occasion. From the vast beer menu to the specialty cocktails prepared by innovative mixologists, fine wines, and dessert drinks.
Roland Sansone and his team also took a look at the options for Entertainment. There will be a large stage featuring live bands, DJ’s, live comedy, Karaoke, and more. Every night will have a different flavor – dance the night away with your Latin passion during Salsa night, rock on during the rock-n-roll night, line dance to your country favorites, sway back to the 90s, get your 70s groove on, and light up the present with EDM. Get into the game when you come to our Super Bowls parties, March Madness Bonanza, and playoffs for all sports. Also planned are interactive games around the restaurant, including interactive sports trivia games.

Roland Sansone and the Newest Luxury Movie Theater

Las Vegas Real estate developer, Roland Sansone, is bringing a new luxury theater to The Boulevard Mall very soon. 

In their post, The Washington Post states that there is a huge rise in luxury movie theaters throughout the country. Las Vegas has caught on.

The plans are underway to roll out the details on this exciting new project. Although we cannot yet reveal all of the details, the talks are happening, and the movie theater will be coming. It is an exciting addition to this part of the Las Vegas Valley.

roland_sansoneFor those of you who have not yet experienced a luxury theater, you are in for a treat that can also become strangely addicting. Roland Sansone and Sansone Companies will bring super comfortable padded reclining seats to the movies, where you can press a button to get it at the perfect angle you require. Also, these movie theaters allow for wine, beer, and special foods (besides popcorn) to be ordered and delivered to you in your seat. This convenience turns your night at the movies into a night at the Kennedy Center.

Roland Sansone Brings The “Popcorn and Fun”

popcornOther possibilities for the luxury movie theater include a highly delicious in-theater restaurant with fancy foods, unlimited popcorn, and the ability to reserve your actual seats ahead of time. Each luxury theater also seems to have special additions of their own so that the Boulevard Mall will have some things unique to it. The luxury movies now often feel an entirely new relaxing night out on the town. It’s a place to get the party started or to experience a kind of zen meditation.

Roland Sansone continues to bring more value to the mall and the community surrounding. He’s excited to roll out the luxury movie theater along with other projects that have not yet been announced, but will be, very soon. The upgrades at the mall, continue. Roland Sansone and his company, Sansone Companies, are committed to maintaining excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of operations, ensuring dedication to customer service. You can bet this new movie theater is going to meet their high standards.

Roland Sansone – Boulevard Vision

Roland Sansone often gets asked if the Boulevard Mall project came to him or if he came to the project by looking for it. He also gets asked about the vision of the mall, how he conceptualizes it then and now, and the future of it. All good questions.

Roland Sansone and his Passion for the Mall

Roland Sansone at GoodwillLas Vegas locals who are familiar with the iconic Boulevard Mall know that until recently, the Boulevard Mall lost some of its original charm. The mall needed an upgrade, a fresh restart. Roland Sansone purchased the Boulevard Mall back in 2013 in hopes of redeveloping the not just the mall, but the entire Las Vegas area. As part of a multi-million-dollar plan, which is still rolling out, the goal is to revitalize the mall and make it a thriving social epicenter of Las Vegas.

Roland Sansone had already been developing for over 30 years when this came to him.

roland sansoneWhen the mall was presented to Roland, he recognized it right away as an amazing opportunity, but also a challenge. Someone needed to help fix that area of Las Vegas and the Boulevard Mall was a great property to build back up. It didn’t take long for Roland to jump in and start the visualization of what the mall was and what it could become with the right development.

Here are some other questions asked of Roland Sansone recently, all regarding his mall goals:

Why did you decide to take on the development of The Boulevard Mall?
Roland Sansone:
I saw it as a great challenge and a great way to give back to the Las Vegas community. In it’s best years, way back, this mall was the IT place to be. I’ve heard countless stories of how Las Vegas people flocked to this mall in their younger years, met their families there, endless memories. The possibilities of bringing back the mall as a community hub, were at the forefront of my mind. I wanted to restore it, keep it’s charm, but also bring it into 2016.

Did you you seek out this property or did someone come to you with the project?
Roland Sansone:
It was brought to me and I knew right away it was a great fit.

Roland Sansone:
The mall was a challenged area over 12 years ago, but today it is coming back as a middle America neighborhood.

How did your previous experience as a developer prepare for this mall project?
Roland Sansone:
I started my real estate development career by fixing properties and gradually moved to developing them. So fixing the mall has come somewhat easy, in that it requires fixing things and developing new concepts.

Any challenges in developing a mall property?:
Roland Sansone:
When dealing with national retailers or national tenants, decision making sometimes seems to take forever. Patience is a virtue.

Anything else you want people to know about The Boulevard Mall?
Roland Sansone:
It’s the closest mall to the Las Vegas strip. Only 8-9 minutes by cab. The bargains and deals at this mall are endless. You often pay 50 to 75% less than any of the malls you’d find on the strip. In addition, there are tons of things now for families to do at the mall, besides shopping, such as events and other entertainment options.

Roland Sansone does not stop there. His passion for the success of this mall is palpable. The possibilities are endless and the mall will continue to grow per his and his team’s visions. So what’s left to do? Come down to the Boulevard Mall renovated in Las Vegas and see for yourself the changes taking place.

To read more about Roland Sansone, go here>

About Sansone Companies

The Sansone Companies and Roland Sansone are Las Vegas Valley focused. Listed are some of the goals of Roland Sansone and Sansone Companies.  As we embark into 2016, the company is focusing on both commercial and residential development services. Continue reading About Sansone Companies

Supporting Justice Amy Chelini

roland sansone vegas of sansone companies with amy chelini
Roland Sansone Vegas with Amy Chelini

In 2015 and 2016, Roland Sansone Vegas supports Amy Chelini for Las Vegas Justice of the Peace, Dept. 14. Amy is supported by many others including Seniors United, Las Vegas Metro Police Protective Association and the Nevada Veteran’s Association. to name a few. Amy has spent a considerable amount of time helping others in our community to get back on their feet and live a better life. Continue reading Supporting Justice Amy Chelini