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The Sansone Companies and Roland Sansone are Las Vegas Valley focused. Listed are some of the goals of Roland Sansone and Sansone Companies.  As we embark into 2016, the company is focusing on both commercial and residential development services.

Since the acquisition of The Boulevard Mall, the real-estate development company has worked tirelessly at returning the mall to its former glory. New vendors include John’s Incredible Pizza, Goodwill, and 99 Ranch Market. Since John’s Incredible Pizza opened its doors in 2016, lines have been out the door with families eager to check out the hundreds of games, rides, and attractions.

The newest exciting announcement by Sansone Companies is a Sea Quest Aquarium to open in the third quarter of 2016 at The Boulevard Mall, Las Vegas. This 25,000 square feet interactive aquarium experience will be Sea Quest’s third location in the United States and the largest of the three properties. The entrance will be found where the former Bath and Body Works store was located where guests will be welcomed with large aquariums filled with bright colored fish and seahorses. Sansone Companies and Roland Sansone continue to focus on bringing family-centered venues and activities to the mall, which has become a hub for the surrounding community.

Sansone Companies and Roland Sansone 2016:

In 2016 Sansone Companies and Roland Sansone will do the following:

  • Continue to expand their commercial real estate properties and services
  • Continue to expand their residential real estate properties and services
  • Continue to support and grow Sansone Companies’ commercially managed properties, which currently experience very low turnover, and achieve one of the valley’s highest occupancy rates
  • Continue to support all of Sansone’s Vendors and Property Owners
  • Continue to focus on bringing new and much-needed vendors, events and activities to The Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas
  • There are some very big and exciting things coming to The Boulevard Mall that will be announced soon, one of a kind type things for Las Vegas
  • Continue to give back to Las Vegas, Henderson and all surrounding communities through volunteering time and giving towards theses causes in all ways they can. The 2 big focuses are Candlelighters of Nevada and Opportunity Village, but Sansone Companies will be joining forces with other non-profits in 2016.
  • Continue to lift up others around him. Roland spends a lot of his time supporting his friends and family in their goals, dreams and is always found going to events around the community to help give back.
  • Venture into new land. Venture into new projects. Venture into the unknown of things that are needed in the Las Vegas community. Sansone Companies and Roland Sansone are known for looking for the needs, the holes, the things that are missing in Vegas. They find it, they research it and they do their very best to bring it to our community in exciting ways that give back to those wanting it.

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