Roland Sansone Vegas

Happy Birthday to Roland Sansone Vegas Developer!

Today Roland Sansone is celebrating his birthday.  Looking back on 2016, a lot has transformed.  John’s Incredible Pizza has opened in Las Vegas. Roland’s company, Sansone Companies, has completed an amazing facade transformation, and Sansone has signed a deal with a National Sea Aquarium to take 30,000 SF at the Boulevard Mall in Vegas.

“Happy birthday Roland! To my good friend and golfing partner.  Have a great day.” -Joey

“Happy Birthday Roland! I really appreciate your friendship. Have a great day.” -Randy

I’m grateful to have worked alongside Roland Sansone the past year, as I have watched his vision transform this mall.  Always compassionate and with Tenants’ best interests in mind, he has moved forward rapidly in driving more sales to the mall, improving tenant’s quality of life.  I look forward to another great year with Roland in Las Vegas, and many more as we continue to transform the mall, and more importantly transform an entire neighborhood.  The most impactful changes are yet to come.  Happy Birthday Roland!” – Timo

Love you Dad, thanks for being a wonderful father and grandpa.” -Devon

Happy Birthday to one of the most committed, passionate, caring people I know. Always one I can count on in good times and hard times.” -Allen “Hi Roland, Noticed that it was your birthday today and wanted wish you a great day!” -Nick

Roland Sansone Vegas

Roland Sansone founded Sansone Development in Vegas in 1978. Over the last 32 years, Roland has built up a commercial real estate portfolio close to one million square feet. Roland Sansone, president, oversees the operations and strategic growth of the company and its subsidiaries, located in Henderson, Nevada.

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