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This is a recent interview with Roland Sansone Vegas developer. In this interview Roland Sansone tell us about his time in Las Vegas and Henderson and what inspired him to get into real estate. In addition to real estate tips, Roland also shares things he likes to do when not working and other notes about Vegas.

Roland Sansone Vegas – The Interview:

Roland Sansone, when and why did you get started as a Real Estate Developer?
I got started in real estate for my love and passion of construction as well as helping create a positive community around our Las Vegas developments.

Roland, what inspired you to get into Real Estate in Henderson, Las Vegas and other areas in Nevada?
Henderson and Las Vegas are great places to Work, Live and Play

What is your favorite thing(s) about working in Real Estate, Roland?
Providing a place for people to conduct their business.

What are some misconceptions about being a Real Estate Developer?
That it is easy. It is a lot of risk, a lot of hours to make these projects come to life.

How did your two sons get into Real Estate in Las Vegas?
They started in construction by doing framing then earned their college degrees to hone their skills.

How do you feel the Las Vegas market is doing right now? What are your predictions for the next few years?
It is still a little soft, but it is moving up slowly. Any move upward is a move in the right direction.

What is it about the Henderson market that you find exciting?
Henderson Nevada is a great place to raise a family with the parks access to services, and their continued reinvestment into their infrastructure.

What is it about the Las Vegas market that you find appealing?
It is a true 24 hour town that has many things to offer for all age groups. From young to old there is something to do at all times of day for everyone.

How do you decide what your next Real Estate project will be?
It will depend on what the market needs are for the area. There are still many underserviced real estate segments in the market that we are focusing on.

When you are not doing Real Estate transacations, what are some other things you enjoy doing?
Gardening, golfing, and playing with my 2 grandsons Thane and Rhys.

What is your favorite style of music? food? anything else?
I like all good food and music, my family was influenced by many cultures and I enjoy Chilean food like empanadas, and Pastel De Choclo and Austrian food like Goulash and Strudel.

Roland Sansone is the owner of Sansone Companies in Henderson, Nevada, which provides their tenants low rates and flexible terms with the highest quality services.

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