Roland Sansone invests his time, energy and dollars into well researched real estate development investing mostly in the Las Vega and Henderson markets. At the core of what Roland Sansone invests in are projects of great potential in markets that need it. Roland is known for his commitment, passion and dedication in all of the transactions that he does. The deals that Roland looks for are those that will help to boost the Las Vegas economy and help the many under-serviced real estate segments in the Vegas market. Once a deal is made, Roland puts a ton of resources and time into making sure the project is hugely successful.

Roland Sansone Invest

Roland Sansone and Sansone Companies are always looking for the next project to invest in. This comes from much research, discussion and a thorough understanding of the projects.

Have a project you would like Roland to take a look at investing in? Please do not hesitate to reach out to Roland Sansone and Sansone Companies in the Henderson office here- Contact Sansone Companies.

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