February 2016 News

Roland Sansone February 2016 News is hot off the press and the new and exciting projects keep coming. So much is going on in the world of commercial and residential development in Las Vegas and Roland has his Sansone Companies team on it.

First, Roland Sansone engaged CBRE for 60,000 SF of new office space to be completed 4th Quarter 2016 at the Boulevard Mall. Fortune named CBRE a most admired company. Do your research on CBRE and you will see how exciting and resourceful this company will be.

We believe the national outreach that CBRE has within the office community will be beneficial in finding the right corporate partner for the office space, equipped to handle over 1,200 employees and centrally located on all major bus lines in the heart of the valley,” said Roland Sansone of Sansone Companies.

More Roland Sansone February 2016 News:

  • A 25,000 SF aquarium concept, Sea Quest, will open 3rd quarter of 2016 which will be an interactive aquarium experience and the first of it’s kind in Nevada. It also will be the biggest Sea Quest location in the entire country.
  • Sansone Companies joins forces with CBL and Associates to bring nationally recognized fashion, restaurant, and entertainment tenants to the Boulevard Mall. Learn More about CBL Leasing services here >
  • John’s Incredible Pizza in Las Vegas, which opened recently at the Boulevard Mall, after Roland Sansone brought this first of it’s kind to Nevada, is already at full-capacity on weekend. Johns’ Incredible Pizza also just had a record-breaking week for any location, anywhere, here at it’s Vegas location. Roland Sansone had a vision for John’s coming to Vegas not long ago, and so glad he did. Families are flocking to the fun pizza entertainment location in The Boulevard Mall, Las Vegas. The lines are often out the door and the people inside are literally eating it up, both fresh food cooked daily and fun rides and games for the entire family.
  • More Sansone Company announcements are coming, as we type, more is coming in. So check back.

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