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Roland Sansone often gets asked if the Boulevard Mall project came to him or if he came to the project by looking for it. He also gets asked about the vision of the mall, how he conceptualizes it then and now, and the future of it. All good questions.

Roland Sansone and his Passion for the Mall

Las Vegas locals who are familiar with the iconic Boulevard Mall know that until recently, the Boulevard Mall lost some of its original charm. The mall needed an upgrade, a fresh restart. Roland Sansone purchased the Boulevard Mall back in 2013 in hopes of redeveloping the not just the mall, but the entire Las Vegas area. As part of a multi-million-dollar plan, which is still rolling out, the goal is to revitalize the mall and make it a thriving social epicenter of Las Vegas.

Roland Sansone had already been developing for over 30 years when this came to him.

When the mall was presented to Roland, he recognized it right away as an amazing opportunity, but also a challenge. Someone needed to help fix that area of Las Vegas and the Boulevard Mall was a great property to build back up. It didn’t take long for Roland to jump in and start the visualization of what the mall was and what it could become with the right development.

Here are some other questions asked of Roland Sansone recently, all regarding his mall goals:

Why did you decide to take on the development of The Boulevard Mall?
Roland Sansone:
I saw it as a great challenge and a great way to give back to the Las Vegas community. In it’s best years, way back, this mall was the IT place to be. I’ve heard countless stories of how Las Vegas people flocked to this mall in their younger years, met their families there, endless memories. The possibilities of bringing back the mall as a community hub, were at the forefront of my mind. I wanted to restore it, keep it’s charm, but also bring it into 2016.

Did you you seek out this property or did someone come to you with the project?
Roland Sansone:
It was brought to me and I knew right away it was a great fit.

Roland Sansone:
The mall was a challenged area over 12 years ago, but today it is coming back as a middle America neighborhood.

How did your previous experience as a developer prepare for this mall project?
Roland Sansone:
I started my real estate development career by fixing properties and gradually moved to developing them. So fixing the mall has come somewhat easy, in that it requires fixing things and developing new concepts.

Any challenges in developing a mall property?:
Roland Sansone:
When dealing with national retailers or national tenants, decision making sometimes seems to take forever. Patience is a virtue.

Anything else you want people to know about The Boulevard Mall?
Roland Sansone:
It’s the closest mall to the Las Vegas strip. Only 8-9 minutes by cab. The bargains and deals at this mall are endless. You often pay 50 to 75% less than any of the malls you’d find on the strip. In addition, there are tons of things now for families to do at the mall, besides shopping, such as events and other entertainment options.

Roland Sansone does not stop there. His passion for the success of this mall is palpable. The possibilities are endless and the mall will continue to grow per his and his team’s visions. So what’s left to do? Come down to the Boulevard Mall renovated in Las Vegas and see for yourself the changes taking place.

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